FOODFIT combines coaching, vibrant nutrition and exercise that fits YOUR life and YOUR lifestyle.

When you enroll in our program you will receive:

  • An extraordinary weight management program tailored specifically to you
  • A complete nutritional analysis, and online nutritional services including journals and meal plans
  • Coaching and counseling to learn what drives your habits and how to change them for good
  • Fitness training at your individual level and comfort zone
  • Intensive evaluation of diet and exercise history
  • 24 Hour urine analysis to check for nutritional deficiencies
  • Optional nutritional cleanse for conquering plateaus
  • BMI and Skin Fold tests to determine optimum weight loss goals
  • Complete analysis of strength, endurance,flexibility and balance
  • Blood pressure and heart rate testing
  • Touch base program to keep you motivated and inspired!
  • Always one on one service with our professional and compassionate staff


I began this  company with  a vision  to bring all sides  of  the weight  loss equation together  by drawing upon my background in counseling, fitness, nutrition and weight loss. Never  before has  a weight loss program offered all the components necessary in one place. Thank you for visiting our site and I look forward to meeting you!

Joy Allison:
AFPA Certified Nutrition/Weight Management/Wellness
ACE/AFAA Certified Personal Training
Stott Pilates/Sivananda Yoga Teacher

A year from now you’ll wish you had started today…