Detox Cleanse

Are you ready to jumpstart your weight loss? FOODFIT Ultimate Weight Management offers a nutritional cleanse to  accelerate the removal of toxins in your body giving  you a head start in weight loss and overcoming plateaus.

“Nutritional cleanse is not for everyone” says Joy Allison, but for some clients the cleanse is a great push and/or jumpstart. The cleanse product used by FOODFIT  is one of the most nutritionally sound cleanse programs available.  Unlike other cleanses, laxatives or diuretics that can deplete your body, this cleanse nourishes and feeds your whole body with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and botanicals. FOODFIT creator and founder and noted NJ nutritionist, Joy Allison, conducted extensive research on various detox/cleanse programs.  After personally experiencing the  cleanse for herself and getting great results, she decided to incorporate it into the FOODFIT weight loss programs.

Who Should Do A Cleanse?

Almost anyone can perform a cleanse at any time to rid their body of toxins and impurities that build up as a result of pollutants, diet, and lifestyle.  A cleanse is also beneficial for women in various stages of menopause who may be struggling to lose weight.  The cleanse will jump start your weight loss and help you stay motivated to achieve your goals.

For more information about the cleanse offered by FOODFIT, please call  1-855-MYFOODFIT (693-6633)