Urine Analysis

FOODFIT NJ has partnered with America Diagnostics to offer a 24 hour urine analysis to test for nutritional deficiencies. Often times individuals struggle to lose weight even when they are eating right and exercising, or may suffer from other symptoms such as:  fatigue, dry skin, dry hair, mental fuzziness and more. A urine analysis can determine if these symptoms are caused by nutritional deficiencies, digestive and/or absorbtion issues.

Part of our comprehensive weight loss program is uncovering why people are overweight in the first place.  We help our NJ clients learn to use food to correct certain health issues as well as prevent them.

An in-depth analysis of where you stand nutritionally is a sensible beginning to any weight loss journey.  Your customized food plan should be centered around your individual health and wellness needs.

This simple test can determine if you are deficient in vitamins or minerals, or are experiencing digestive or absorbtion problems.   Once we have this information, we can correct these deficiencies with either food or supplementation.

If you feel you may have a vitamin or mineral deficiency, the best thing to do is be tested. Often times people will take supplements but not know why, and not experiencce any benefit. The urine analysis will provide you with accurate information about your crrent nutritional status.

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FOODFIT is a comprehensive weight loss program in NJ. Joy Allison created FOODFIT to help clients reach their goals using a platform that combines exercise, diet, and lifestyle coaching.