Weight Loss

The FOODFIT weight loss program in NJ works because it combines all the essential elements needed not only to lose weight but also to effectively change behavior and keep the weight off for good.

Most people who’ve tried to lose weight know essentially what they should and shouldn’t be doing. And, most people feel they “should” be able to do it on their own. But the fact is that the majority of individuals are not able to affect a lasting change, if any at all on their own. It is human nature to repeat old behavior patterns even when we know that they do not serve us. At the FOODFIT weight loss program in NJ we address the behavior change as well as the technical aspects of nutrition management. In addition we include the component of exercise for each client, private and on site. No more going to different places to get the different aspects of the weight loss equation.

With all the FOODFIT weight loss programs in NJ, coaching, support and all the proper nutritional tools are used. There is an emphasis on whole natural foods, no pre-packed or supplements are used, healthy natural foods, the kind you buy in your supermarket.

At FOODFIT we believe that matching your weight loss plan to your lifestyle is extremely important. There are no “one size fits all diets”. We recognize that every individual has different needs, preferences and lifestyles. We work within your existing life to fit the program to you.

One completely comprehensive program is designed around the individual client, that is why FOODFIT is so successful.