Boost Your Metabolism With Our NJ Weight Loss Plan

NJ nutritionist, Joy Solliday helps her clients get a boost on burning calories by incorporating foods that increase metabolism. Joy Solliday is the owner and creator of FOODFIT, a weight loss plan in NJ, which uses diet modification, personal training and behavioral coaching to aid in weight loss. By integrating foods that can increase calorie burn, this NJ nutritionist helps her clients reach their goals more effectively by teaching them how to make healthier choices.

Foods that boost the metabolism are inexpensive, easy to find, and work best in controlled portions. Some metabolism-boosting foods include coffee, black and green tea, dark chocolate, grapefruit, low fat dairy products, lean turkey, and spices.

The caffeine found in coffee, tea, and dark chocolate increases metabolism and energy. Grapefruit contains large amounts of Vitamin C which is said to lower insulin levels and speed up metabolism. Dairy products like plain low-fat yogurt have also been shown to increase weight loss by delivering good bacteria and probiotics to aid in the digestive process. Eating lean turkey, which is full of protein, will curb appetite and help development of lean muscle.

A healthy diet that includes powerful fat-fighting foods is only part of the platform in the FOODFIT weight loss program created by NJ Nutritionist Joy Solliday. FOODFIT is a comprehensive weight loss plan in NJ that helps clients reach their weight loss goals through exercise, diet, and lifestyle coaching.

New Weight Loss Tips

You know that I am a firm believer in the fact that there are no quick fixes when it comes to the best weight loss strategy for anyone.

Eating healthy and exercising regularly is the only way to reach your goal. With so much information available on diets, trends, and promises of rapid weight loss, our certified nutritionists have created a few easy to remember tips to quickly turn these guidelines into habits.

Here are a few weight loss tips from FOODFIT:

  1. Drinking plenty of water is essential to weight loss. Staying hydrated throughout the day will stave off cravings and overeating.
  2. No food is off limits when using portion control. To help aid in portion control, invest in smaller dishes instead of large dinner plates or purchase plates with the portion control guide on the plate.
  3. Eat to be satisfied not to feel full. Overeating because a food is delicious or always cleaning your plate can add unwanted pounds.
  4. Don’t be afraid of snacking. Small healthy snacks throughout the day help sustain your metabolism and prevent from overeating at mealtime.

We always advise our weight loss clients to combine these tips with a solid exercise routine. Fitting in exercise as often as possible improves mood, blood flow, and strengthens the cardiovascular system. It’s essential to expend calories through exercise in order to see a loss on the scale. Once you establish a good routine, make sure to switch it up every so often to prevent boredom or a plateau.

These simple tips not only aid in shedding pounds but will create healthier habits that help maintain weight loss.

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NJ nutritionist suggests replacing diet sodas with water, tea or coffee

Joy Solliday, a certified NJ nutritionist and owner/creator of FOODFIT, highlights the dangers of diet soda and offers a healthy alternative.

According to a recent study, even diet soda can be a danger to those watching their weight.

The study, made up of 2,564 adults over 40, was published online in The Journal of General Internal Medicine and found that consumption of both regular and diet soda can be linked to a number of risk factors for heart disease. Participants who controlled their risk factors, such as diabetes, but continued to drink only diet soda still had an increased risk for stroke, heart attack and death.

Joy Solliday recommends replacing soft drinks with water, tea, or coffee with fat-free milk. The certified NJ nutritionists at FOODFIT provide behavioral coaching to uncover what drives unhealthy habits, such as soda consumption, and offer solutions on the best way to change these habits with lasting results.


FOODFIT is a comprehensive weight loss program in NJ. Joy Solliday created FOODFIT to help clients reach their goals using a platform that combines exercise, diet, and lifestyle coaching. Diet modification is one of the three components that make up the FOODFIT platform. The goal of diet modification is to help individuals make healthier choices based off of foods they enjoy.

Joy Solliday, a certified NJ nutritionist and director of the FOODFIT program, has 25 years in the health/wellness, fitness and weight loss field. She boasts certifications in counseling, nutrition, wellness, and weight management. She is also a certified personal trainer, Stott Pilates instructor and Sivananda Yoga teacher.

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Smart Swap Weight Loss Tip

Joy Solliday, a certified NJ nutritionist and creator of FOODFIT Ultimate Weight Management, continues her weekly FOODFIT tips that help dieters save calories and fat by making simple changes in their daily eating routine.

For this week’s tip, Joy suggests replacing coffee with cream and sugar for coffee with skim milk.  A Dunkin Donuts coffee with cream and sugar has about 90 calories and six grams of fat, while a coffee with skim milk has only 15 calories and zero grams of fat.  Dieters can save 75 calories and six grams of fat every time they choose a cup of coffee with skim milk instead of cream and sugar.

“When you consider the fact that some people can drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day, the calorie and fat savings can be significant,” she says.  “If the average person drinks at least 2 cups a day, that person can easily shave 150 calories and 12 grams of fat from their total caloric intake.  That’s a big difference.”

The FOODFIT Weight Management Program is founded on the principals that people can enjoy eating and still lose weight. The program teaches fundamentals such as portion sizes and smart swaps so dieters can benefit from lasting weight loss.  In addition to diet modification, the program is the first of its kind to combine behavioral coaching and physical fitness with the nutritional aspect of the program all in one location.

NJ Nutritionist Offers First Program Combining Three Essential Components of Lasting Weight Loss

“As a certified nutritionist and weight management consultant I noticed that there seemed to be three separate services being offered to individuals with weight issues,” Joy explains, “One is fitness, i.e., gyms, training studios etc. and then there is weight loss, diet centers, surgery centers etc., and finally there is coaching, life coaching or other types of behavior modification. However no one seemed to be putting the all these components together into one comprehensive program.”

Her educational background in coaching as well as certifications in personal training, nutrition and weight management enabled Joy to create the FOODFIT program which successfully combines all three.

For many people, weight loss is an ongoing issue. Maintaining a healthy weight requires a lifestyle change, and that is something that diet pills cannot provide.  The FOODFIT program helps participants make these lifestyle changes without deprivation or drastic modifications.

Learn more about FOODFIT online: or call 1-855 MYFOODFIT (693-6633) for a private consultation.

NJ Nutritionist Offers 20% Off Weight Loss Programs in February

February is Couples Month!

Weight Loss? Weight Management? Its All In Your Head!

Weight Loss tips in Monmouth County NJ….Remember the power of visualization. See yourself in your mind in the size you want to be, eating the foods you want to stick with. Begin your day with this picture and revisit it as often as you can during the day. Set your phone or computer to remind you of your goals at regular intervals. Success begins in your head!

NJ Nutritionist Joy Solliday explains the fundementals of weight loss, weight management and nutrition at the upcoming event: “Wine Cheese and Weight Loss”.  See details below.


Wine and Cheese Weight Loss Event

FOODFIT held the first Wine and Cheese Weight Loss event Wednesday October 19th at the American Hotel on Main Street in Freehold. Thank you to everyone that came, it was a great event!  We talked about dieting and weight loss, and how delicious things like wine and cheese can still fit into a healthy weight loss plan (in moderation of course!).

If you missed the Wine and Cheese Weight Loss event and would like to learn more about healthy weight loss plans, please give us a call at 1-855-MY-FOODFIT (693-6633).


A Comprehensive Weight Loss Program in NJ

FOODFIT is a comprehensive weight loss program guided by three fundamental principals: diet modification, personalized fitness and coaching/counseling.  This program is not a ‘diet’ program.  The FOODFIT staff of NJ nutritionists works one-on-one with participants to help them learn how to make smarter choices based on the foods they like.

The FOODFIT program is unique in that it combines diet modification with personal training and behavioral counseling.  Participants get one-on-one coaching and guidance in all three areas which translates to amazing, lasting results.

Joy Solliday has 25 years in the health/wellness, fitness and weight loss field.  She boasts certifications in counseling, nutrition, wellness, and weight management.  She is also a certified personal trainer, Stott Pilates instructor and Sivananda Yoga teacher.