New Study Highlights Benefits of Omega 3s

Joy Allison, a nutritionist in NJ and creator/owner of the FOODFIT weight loss program in NJ, recommends a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids to help lower the risk of heart failure.

According to several studies summarized in Clinical Nutrition, an increase in consumption of omega-3s and higher blood levels containing omega-3s are linked to a 15% decrease in risk of heart failure.

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to any diet according to nutritionist Joy Allison. Omega-3s are not produced in the body and need to be consumed through diet or supplementation. They help organs function normally and can also reduce inflammation in the body and boost heart health.

Foods rich in omega-3s include fish such as anchovies, bluefish, herring, mackerel, wild salmon, sardines, sturgeon, lake trout, and tuna.  Walnuts, flax and flaxseed oil, canola oil, olive oil, and soybean oil are high in ALA which turns into omega-3 fatty acids inside the body. Free-range animal products such as cage-free eggs also have more of the essential omega-3 than other poultry products.

Allison recommends incorporating omega-3 rich foods into your diet before opting for a fish oil supplement. For more information on how to add omega-3 into your diet, call FOODFIT at 1-855 MYFOODFIT (693-6633).

Joy Allison helps clients lose weight through the FOODFIT weight loss program in NJ. FOODFIT is a comprehensive weight loss plan that combines exercise, diet, and lifestyle coaching.

Is Your Weight Affected By Your Lack of Sleep?

Joy Allison, a nutritionist in NJ and creator of the FOODFIT weight loss program in NJ, warns of the dangers of inadequate sleep and how it can affect weight gain and ultimately cause obesity.

Joy Allison cites a recent study released by the University of Chicago that suggests too little sleep impacts appetite regulation, impairs glucose metabolism and can increase blood pressure leading to obesity.

Lack of sleep causes the body to secrete more of the hormone ghrelin, which increases appetite. This can lead to hunger and overeating without compensating with physical activity.

The best way to fight obesity is through diet and exercise. However, adequate sleep is also important to maintain a healthy weight. “Aim to get at least 6 hours of sleep per night or more if your body requires,” says Joy. “Shorts power naps during the day can help fight fatigue as well as fain off hunger. And if faced with feelings of hunger due to lack of sleep, drink plenty of water and start a good routine the next night by getting to bed early.”

As a nutritionist in NJ, Joy Allison helps clients lose weight through the FOODFIT comprehensive weight loss program that combines exercise, diet, and lifestyle coaching.

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New Weight Loss Tips

You know that I am a firm believer in the fact that there are no quick fixes when it comes to the best weight loss strategy for anyone.

Eating healthy and exercising regularly is the only way to reach your goal. With so much information available on diets, trends, and promises of rapid weight loss, our certified nutritionists have created a few easy to remember tips to quickly turn these guidelines into habits.

Here are a few weight loss tips from FOODFIT:

  1. Drinking plenty of water is essential to weight loss. Staying hydrated throughout the day will stave off cravings and overeating.
  2. No food is off limits when using portion control. To help aid in portion control, invest in smaller dishes instead of large dinner plates or purchase plates with the portion control guide on the plate.
  3. Eat to be satisfied not to feel full. Overeating because a food is delicious or always cleaning your plate can add unwanted pounds.
  4. Don’t be afraid of snacking. Small healthy snacks throughout the day help sustain your metabolism and prevent from overeating at mealtime.

We always advise our weight loss clients to combine these tips with a solid exercise routine. Fitting in exercise as often as possible improves mood, blood flow, and strengthens the cardiovascular system. It’s essential to expend calories through exercise in order to see a loss on the scale. Once you establish a good routine, make sure to switch it up every so often to prevent boredom or a plateau.

These simple tips not only aid in shedding pounds but will create healthier habits that help maintain weight loss.

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