Dawn’s weight loss story….

I lost 18 pounds, and hit my goal weight! A few months ago, I didn’t believe it was possible. I had tried and failed, tried and failed over and over again. I yo-yo dieted for years. Finally, I met Joy from FOODFIT, and my life was changed forever. This was not some random one-size-fits-all approach to dieting.

This was a unique and custom service. Joy took a look at my life, how I ate, how I viewed exercise. She worked with me to make small changes that worked for me, and showed me how to stick to them. As I got healthier and stronger, she worked with me to keep things fresh and continually working. Now, I am down 2 dress sizes, and feel very fit and strong. I love to run now, because I actually love the way it makes me feel! I love the “you are so skinny” comments, and I am so proud of myself! But I know, 100%, that I could not have done it without Joy at FOODFIT!

Thank you!!


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